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During these rapidly changing times, many of us are searching for guidance in redesigning our lives. Over the years people have asked me how I arrived at this place in my life. A place which I call a state of being. One in which life flows through me and the process of achieving is a natural result. In 1993, the life I had led up to that point changed dramatically, literally in the twinkling of an eye. My career, relationship and home had been removed and I knew that I was undergoing a major change, which appeared to be out of my hands. From this point on I would never be the same. My life took, what I call A Hard Right Turn. A change which has led me into a fascinating journey within myself. A journey into an intuitive, spirit-filled experience which has brought me many insights and blessings. A journey which I continue to embrace and will share with you.

Contained on the following pages are tools, some of which are simple truths, that will support you in your quest to redesign your own life. Take a journey with me as we work toward the evolution of consciousness, ending all conflict, with the understanding that love is all there is.

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